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Trim-Tub Flange,


Part number: USA7954508
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Made by: Frigidaire
Manufacturer's Part Number: 154242301


Trim-Tub Flange, USA7954508

Replacement Reference and Model Information

Part Number 154242301 419177, AH420437, EA420437, PS420437, AP2109073

Manufacturer Model Number Description
Frigidaire FDP635RFR3 Frg(v0)
Frigidaire MDS251RER1 Frg(v0) / 18 " Portable Dishwasher
Frigidaire FDP750RCS0 Frigidaire/dishwasher
Frigidaire FDP635RBS0 Frigidaire/dishwasher
Frigidaire FDP641RAS1 Frigidaire/dishwasher
Frigidaire FDP641RAS0 Frigidaire/dishwasher
Frigidaire MDP531RFR2 Frg(v0) / 24 " Portable Dishwasher
Frigidaire FDP635RBS1 Frigidaire/dishwasher
Frigidaire FDP635RFR2 Frg(v0) / 24 " Portable Dishwasher
Frigidaire FDP635RFR0 Frg(v1) / 24 " Portable Dishwasher
Kenmore / Sears 5871734569 DISHWASHER
Kenmore / Sears 58717345691 KENMORE DISHWASHER
Frigidaire FDP635RFR5 Frigidaire/dishwasher
Frigidaire FDP750RCS1 Frigidaire/dishwasher
Frigidaire GDP635RHR0 Gib(v0) / Refrigerator
Frigidaire FDP635RFR1 Frg(v2) / 24 " Portable Dishwasher
Frigidaire FDP635RFR4 Frigidaire/dishwasher
Gibson GDP635RHR1 Gibson/dishwasher
Gibson GDP635RHR2 Gibson/dishwasher
Frigidaire MDP531GFR0 Frg(v1) / 24 " Portable Dishwasher
Frigidaire MDP531GFR1 Frg(v2) / 24 " Portable Dishwasher
Frigidaire MDP531RFR0 Frg(v1) / Portable Dishwasher
Frigidaire MDP531RFR1 Frg(v2) / Portable Dishwasher
Frigidaire MDS251RER0 Frg(v0) / Portable Dishwasher


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