Broiler Baffle-Lower

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Part number: USA8852515
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Made by: GE
Manufacturer's Part Number: WB34K5155


Broiler Baffle-Lower USA8852515

Replacement Reference and Model Information

Part Number WB34K5155 258474, 300265, 302904, 4328733, AH245039, EA245039, PS245039, AP2028506

Manufacturer Model Number Description
Roper D6757X1 Range (gas)*
Roper 1352W06 Range (gas)*
Roper 1353W0A GAS RANGE
Roper 1353W1A GAS RANGE
Roper 1353W2A GAS RANGE
Whirlpool 1353W3A GAS RANGE
Roper 1353W4A Range (gas)*
Roper 1393W0A GAS RANGE
Roper 1393W1A GAS RANGE
Roper 1393W2A GAS RANGE
Roper 1525L0A GAS RANGE
Whirlpool 1525W0A GAS RANGE
Whirlpool 1525W1A GAS RANGE
Whirlpool 1525W2A GAS RANGE
Whirlpool 1525W3A GAS RANGE
Roper 1893W0A Range (gas)*
Roper 1895W0A Range (gas)*
Roper D6757X0 Range (gas)*
General Electric JGDS10GER1WH Gas range