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Pm Manual Use & Care

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Part number: USA7934658
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Made by: GE
Manufacturer's Part Number: 39-5225


Pm Manual Use & Care USA7934658

Replacement Reference and Model Information

Part Number 39-5225 AH722071, EA722071, PS722071, AP2004199

Manufacturer Model Number Description
General Electric HDA150V-61AW 1994 MODEL
General Electric HDA150V-60AW DISHWASHER
General Electric HDA150V-60BW DISHWASHER
General Electric HDA180V-60WW DISHWASHER
General Electric HDA150V-60WA DISHWASHER
General Electric HDA150V-61BW 1994 MODEL
General Electric HDA150V-61WA 1994 MODEL
General Electric HDA180V-61WW 1994 MODEL