Liner, Drawer

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Part number: USA8596734
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Made by: Frigidaire
Manufacturer's Part Number: 318108025


Liner, Drawer USA8596734

Replacement Reference and Model Information

Part Number 318108025 937942, AH648776, EA648776, PS648776, AP2128491

Manufacturer Model Number Description
Frigidaire PLES389DCB Frigidaire/electric Range
Frigidaire PLCS389ACB Frigidaire/gas Range
Frigidaire PLES389DCC Frigidaire/electric Range
Frigidaire PLCS389DCB Frigidaire/gas Range
Frigidaire PLES389DCE Frigidaire/electric Range
Frigidaire PLES389ACD Frigidaire/electric Range
Frigidaire PLES389ACA Frigidaire/electric Range
Frigidaire PLES389ACB Frigidaire/electric Range
Frigidaire PLCS389ACA Frigidaire/gas Range
Frigidaire PLES389CCB Frigidaire/electric Range
Frigidaire PLCS389ACC Frigidaire/gas Range
Frigidaire PLCS389DCC Frigidaire/dual Duel Range
Frigidaire PLES389ACC Frigidaire/electric Range
Frigidaire PLES389CCA Frigidaire/electric Range
Frigidaire PLCS389ACD Frigidaire/gas Range
Frigidaire PLCS389DCA Frigidaire/gas Range
Frigidaire PLES389DCA Frigidaire/electric Range
Frigidaire PLES389DCD Frigidaire/electric Range
Kenmore / Sears 79046123300 ELECTRIC RANGE
Kenmore / Sears 79046123301 ELECTRIC RANGE
Kenmore / Sears 79046133300 GAS RANGE
Kenmore / Sears 79046133301 GAS RANGE
Kenmore / Sears 79046373400 ELECTRIC RANGE
Kenmore / Sears 79046373401 ELECTRIC RANGE
Kenmore / Sears 79046373402 ELECTRIC RANGE
Kenmore / Sears 79046373403 ELECTRIC RANGE
Kenmore / Sears 79046373404 ELECTRIC RANGE
Kenmore / Sears 79046813993 DUAL FUEL SLIDE-IN RANGE
Kenmore / Sears 79046823100 ELECTRIC SLIDE-IN RANGE
Kenmore / Sears 79046823101 SEARS/ELECTRIC RANGE
Kenmore / Sears 79046823102 SEARS/ELECTRIC RANGE
Kenmore / Sears 79046833100 DUAL FUEL RANGE
Kenmore / Sears 79046833101 SEARS/GAS RANGE
Kenmore / Sears 79046833102 SEARS/GAS RANGE
Kenmore / Sears 79047153400 GAS RANGE
Kenmore / Sears 79047153401 GAS RANGE
Kenmore / Sears 79047153402 GAS RANGE
Kenmore / Sears 79047153403 GAS RANGE
Frigidaire CPCS389DC3 Frigidaire Canada/dual Fuel Range
Frigidaire CPES389DC4 Frigidaire/electric Range
Frigidaire CPES389DC5 Frigidaire/electric Range
Frigidaire PLCS389CCA Frigidaire/gas Range
Frigidaire PLCS389CCB Frigidaire/gas Range
Frigidaire PLCS389CCC Frigidaire/gas Range
Frigidaire PLES389CCC Frigidaire/electric Range