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Drawer Panel Assembly

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$89.13 USD
Part number: USA4000131
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Made by: LG
Manufacturer's Part Number: 3721ER1073D


Drawer Panel Assembly USA4000131 Color: white. It measures about 10 inches wide by 8 inches high by 14 inches deep.

Replacement Reference and Model Information

Part Number 3721ER1073D AGL31660910, 1268499, 3721ER1073H, 3721ER1073N, 3721ER1249G, AGL31660931, AH3565529, EA3565529, PS3565529, AP4439235

Manufacturer Model Number Description
LG WM2077CW (ABWEEUS) Washer
LG WM2277HW (ABWEEUS) Washer
LG WM2075CW (ABWEEUS) Washer
LG WM2101HW (ABWEEUS) Washer
LG WM2233HW (ABWEEUS) Washer
LG WM3677HW (ABWEEUS) Washer