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Part number: USA4000368
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Made by: Frigidaire
Manufacturer's Part Number: 134472201


Handle USA4000368

Replacement Reference and Model Information

Part Number 134472201 1154857, 134472203, AH1146177, EA1146177, PS1146177, AP3844450

Manufacturer Model Number Description
Frigidaire LTF2940ES0 Frigidaire/washer
Frigidaire LEQ2152ES0 Frigidaire/electric Dryer
Frigidaire LTF2940ES3 Frigidaire/washer
Frigidaire LGQ2152ES0 Frigidaire/dryer
Frigidaire LTF2940ES1 Frigidaire/washer
Frigidaire BLTF2940ES3 Frigidaire/washer
Frigidaire LTF2940ES2 Frigidaire/washer
Kenmore / Sears 41744082400 WASHER
Kenmore / Sears 41744082500 WASHER
Kenmore / Sears 41744092500 WASHER
Kenmore / Sears 41784082500 DRYER
Kenmore / Sears 41784092500 DRYER
Kenmore / Sears 41794082500 DRYER
Kenmore / Sears 41794092500 DRYER
Frigidaire BCEQ2152ES0 Frigidaire Canada/electric Dryer
Frigidaire BLTF2940ES0 Frigidaire/washer
Frigidaire BLTF2940ES1 Frigidaire/washer
Frigidaire BLTF2940ES2 Frigidaire/washer
Frigidaire BLTF2940FS0 Frigidaire/washer
Frigidaire BLTF2940FS1 WASHER
Frigidaire FEQ5000HS0 DRYER
Frigidaire FGQ5000HS0 DRYER
Frigidaire FTF5000HS0 WASHER