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Tub to Pump Hose

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Part number: USA4000262
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Made by: LG
Manufacturer's Part Number: 4738ER1006A


Tub to Pump Hose USA4000262

Replacement Reference and Model Information

Part Number 4738ER1006A 1267577, AH3523348, EA3523348, PS3523348, AP4436473

Manufacturer Model Number Description
Kenmore / Sears 79640021900 WASHER
Kenmore / Sears 79648842800 RESIDENTIAL WASHER
Kenmore / Sears 79648852800 RESIDENTIAL WASHER
LG WM1812CW (ABWEEUS) Washer
LG WM1814CW (ABWEEUS) Washer
LG WM1815CS (ATTEEUS) Washer
LG WM2010CW (ABWEEUS) Washer
LG WM2016CW (ABWEEUS) Washer